Patrick Zeiher
Patrick Zeiher

Back Squat - 405

Clean & Jerk - 315

Snatch - 245

Deadlift - 515


CF-L1 Certificate holder for 10 years

Owner of CrossFit Indian Trail for about 7 years.


Patrick Zeiher

Staying active and being an athlete is something that started from day 1 for me. I started Isshin-Ryu martial arts at the age of 4, eventually going on to earn my black belt 10 years later, and I consistently played some type of sport year round as a kid. My sports were primarily basketball and soccer, but I take great pride in my ability to be "decent" at almost any sport you can throw at me. It's one of my favorite things - anywhere, anytime, name a sport and I'll figure it out (just don't ask me to dance). CrossFit marched into my life in 2014 when I got bored of the typical globo gym bodybuilding programs and after getting my butt kicked on the first day, I was hooked. I've always had a competitive spirit, and a short attention span, so CrossFit was the perfect fit for me. For those reasons, I quickly dove in head first and became a Coach, CF-L1 certified in 2014. Having owned a CrossFit gym in Indian Trail, I truly enjoy helping people accomplish their goals. The look on someones face when they accomplish something that seemed unattainable gives me the greatest satisfaction you can imagine. I appreciate people that are willing to work hard for their health, whether that's just for longevity of life, being able to play with your grandkids, or to be a competitor.

Once upon a time, I was over 50 pounds lighter than I am today and I absolutely hated my body. I could run like the wind and for hours on end, but at the end of the day, I wasn't proud of how I looked in the mirror. While you might think that CrossFit turned me around by adding some muscle to my frame, it's interesting that what CrossFit actually did was distract me from negative thoughts and provide me with incremental goals to focus on. I never set out to do CrossFit because I thought it would make me jacked. I started, and stuck with, CrossFit because there's always something to work on.

Nothing gets me more excited than working with an athlete that is willing to LEARN. Being coachable is such an overlooked capability in today's world, so I am very appreciative of people that go out of their way to learn new things. Understanding someone's goals and helping drive them toward it is what keeps me coming back as a Coach.