Kayla Foust
Kayla Foust

TTB: 15

unbroken Mile Run in 7:19

115lb Overhead Squat


CrossFit Level 1 Certification


Kayla Foust

I have always enjoyed moving and playing sports.. I played softball all through school. I was typically the girl playing football with the guys. I started Crossfit when I was 17 years old not too long after I had stopped playing softball. I decided I wanted to put on some muscle and workout like my parents do! It wasn't till I was 21-22 years old that I really got into the sport of Crossfit and began challenging myself to learn new skills and increase my lifts. Now that I am going into almost 10 years of actively cross-fitting there are so many aspects of the sport that I genuinely love. I love that everyday in the gym is different, I love that I am constantly surprised by what I can do, I love that there is always an opportunity to get 'better' at something within Crossfit. I started coaching about two years ago - it was quite a shock to a lot of people when I mentioned being interested because I have always been the quiet one who stays in the back. As I began attending regular classes and seeing the same faces it became so exciting to see others do things they thought impossible! To watch a new member lift a heavy weight, or an older member finally get the muscle up they have been working on for months, Helping others achieve new skills, strengths, and confidence is addicting and inspiring to see on a daily basis, I like to think I am the kind of coach who can make you feel like nothing is impossible when you are ready to work for it.

Food and exercise go hand in hand. You have to eat enough to feel energised and if you don't eat enough.. well you're tired. I have always viewed food as my enemy and have been scared of it for as long as I can remember. I was eating as little as possible, terrified of my body changing and only wanted to be as skinny as possible. Once I finally began to see food as a source of energy and see how good it could make me feel good everything changed. All of a sudden I can lift heavier, I can power through a workout more than before, and I feel stronger than ever. I can get through my day without feeling like I am constantly running a marathon. My turning point mentally (& physically) was really when I let my nutrition help me instead of fearing it. Facing my fear of food has been one of the most challenging things I have ever faced. Something like food is necessary for survival and we all need it yet I was sure I could get by with the bare minimum - I am happy to be facing the fear on a daily basis and to be using food to fuel me to do things I never knew I could.

When I coach I want everyone to feel like nothing is impossible. With hard work, motivation and a like-minded community we are all capable of doing hard things. Then the look of excitement and joy on someones face after they successfully do the hard thing is a huge bonus.