Gary Courtney
Gary Courtney

2017 top 10 finisher in the Charlotte Spartan Sprint

OCR World Championship finisher.


Crossfit Level 1 Coach


Gary Courtney

My weight loss journey started about 2008. Started my CrossFit path in 2013 at CrossFit MNC. Continued to build strength and skills until 2018 when I got my Level 1 certification and helped coach and run a gym. Came back full time to MNC after that. Love coaching and setting others up for success

As a truck driver, a person can easily lapse into bad habits. I fell into eating garbage, smoking, and drinking large amounts of soda. Then I decided that I needed to straighten up my life and get on a healthier path so I could be around for my son for a long time. I started eating right and lifting weights. But it didn't challenge me in the ways I wanted to be challenged. Everyday I make choices that I know will impact my tomorrow. I am constantly trying to be better than yesterday. Doesn't mean always getting a PR or eating 100% clean, but it does mean keeping onto those habits that got me here.

My passion for coaching comes for my want to give back the same motivation I was given. I love seeing people do things that they have never done before. Or helping to improve a person's form so they can lift more, safely. Seeing someone progress to where they weren't yesterday is extremely fulfilling to me.