Andrea Fox
Andrea Fox

Back Squat 280

Handstand Hold up to 7 sec


CrossFit Certification Level 1


Andrea Fox

A little about myself. When I first started my fitness journey I did not know anything about CrossFit. I had no idea what it even was. My brother had me train to do a 10k with him. So I did on the way back home he showed me a video of Crossfit. It is called “What is Crossfit.” I watched the video and laughed at my brother. I told him I could never do anything like that. So he told me if you train you can do that. He took me to the gym showed me the basics. I do mean the basics. He showed me push ups, wall sits, situps and a couple of things on the machine. I did just what he said to do. Did a tough mudder. Then a couple more mud runs. I finally had enough courage to walk into the CrossFit gym. I walked in and then just walked right back out. I just did not Have enough self esteem so I left. I then train for a power lifting competition. Did that won 😳 . Then decide to walk back in again and seriously try it out. I did just that now this is a part of my family. I have had the opportunity to do competitions. Some I have made podium and some not. I absolutely love CrossFit it helps me to see how strong of a individual I am. I love Coaching Crossfit because you get to see the changes in the athletes. Plus there is always something you can learn being around so many amazing people.

My turning point in my life was when I went through my divorce. I did not realize I did not love myself. That is around the time I did my first 10K. Going through my divorce I was suicidal. I did not what to do with my life or what I was going to do. I had a career two amazing kids. I decided to end my marriage of 7 years due to issues that occurred. So I was already in the gym training for my first mud run. I just kelp going. It took a long time but I learned to love myself. I learned that I can do anything I put my mind to do. I just have to work for it. I am not a natural athlete I work for every PR I get. ☺️

My passion for Coach is seeing the improvement in the athletes.

You see them develop as a athlete.