As you can see theres a lot of work to be done. The 10min clock for the 1RM power clean will start 10mins after the start of class. If you require a long warm-up, get here early.


10mins to establish a 1RM power clean


front squats *use training max

2 sets x 4 reps @82%

Every 2mins for 7 rounds:

5 power cleans @70%

30 DU’s

7 strict C2B pull-ups

- If class time allows -

EMOMĀ x 10mins:

2 strict shoulder press


Snatch: EMOM x 12mins

min 1) 25lbs under max

min 2) 20lbs under max

min 3) 15lbs under max

min 4) 10lbs under max

*repeat 3x’s

Metcon: Complete for time (20min cap)

20 thrusters

20 hang power cleans

20 push press

20 OVH squats

20 front squats

*every minute on the minute complete 5 burpees

guys: 95lbs

girls: 65lbs

Friday 7/18/14

Strength: Back Squat *10mins to warm-up

15mins to establish a 3RM back squat

Metcon: Complete for time (30min cap)


KBS 24/16kg

slam balls 30/20lbs

*coaches challenge, add bench dips

One year ago today, this is the workout that the “All Day” nickname was given to Mr Brian Welch. It was maybe his 3rd workout. It took him just over an hour, and I’m pretty sure he died a couple times. This is a good one to reference how big a difference 1 year can make if you happen to have your previous time written down.

Strength: Front squats *10mins to warm-up, 20mins to squat

*use training max

2 sets x 6 @80%

From the Comp Train…

EMOM x 5 minutes

3 touch-n-go power cleans *start 60lbs under your max and add 5lbs each minute

- then -

A little prowler and farmers walk fun…

Teams of 2-4, you will spend 5mins per station with 2 mins rest between stations

20m prowler push 90/50

20m farmers walk 24/16kg

*one team member working at a time. Your score will be max distance accumulated in the 5mins.

From the Comp Train…

Metcon: “Satan’s Whiskers”

3 rounds for time:

10 C2B pull-ups

10 front squats 165/115

10 burpees


4 sets x 10 reps, one arm (dumbell or kettlebell) bent-over rows

*4 sets each arm.

Monday 7/14/14

Strength: Back Squats *10mins to warm-up, 20mins to squat

*use training max

2 sets x 8 @86%

From the Comp Train…

“Sugar Daddy”


dead-lifts 225/155

run 400m after each round

Strength: Front squats *10mins to warm-up, 20mins to squat

3 sets x 8 @78%

From the Comp Train

EMOM x 15mins

Min 1) 6 dead-lifts @60%

Min 2) :45sec plank *in push-up position

Min 3) 10 strict TTB