odd: power snatch + hang squat snatch + squat snatch

even: 3-6 muscle-ups *scale with C2B pull-ups



Front squat 135/95

lateral barbell burpees

50 double-unders after each round

I would like to give everyone a huge Thank You for all the well wishes and prayers! I am feeling much better and very glad to be home and back to normal. A special Thank You to Jessica, Brian, Bruce, Stephanie, Erika, and Mike for coming to together and keeping the gym going and Lenny feed while I was down and out. It means more than words can express to have such a great extended family to have your back in times of need. Sharon and I both thank you from the bottoms of heart!!! Now, on to the good stuff…

“Cat Daddy”

3 rounds for time

run 400m

30 KBS 24/16kg

30 box jumps 24/20″


20mins to establish a…

5RM back squat & 5RM front squat

Accessory Work *not for time

With a partner, complete 2 rounds

20 dead-lifts 185/135

20 double-kettlebell front squats 24/16kg

20 straight leg dead-lifts 185/135

20 double-kettlebell swings (Russian) 24/16kg

*One partner completes all 20 reps of a movement while the other partner rest, then switch.

“Cement Mixer”

7 rounds @ 3 mins

Run 400m

12 TTB (scale with 15 weighted situps or leg raises)

When finished rest the remainder of the 3 minutes then start next round.

Back Squat

(5sec eccentric on first rep)

1 set x 5 @70%, 2 sets x 5 @75%

“The Chief”

5 rounds of 3min AMRAP’s

3 power cleans 135/95

6 push-ups

9 air squats

*1min rest between rounds. Your score is total rounds, only full rounds count.

“Strict Press Biathlon”

run 800m

21 unbroken* strict press 95/65, (RX+ 115/75)

run 800m

18 unbroken* strict press 95/65, (RX+ 115/75)

run 800m

15 unbroken* strict press 95/65, (RX+ 115/75)

*A 200m penalty run must be completed each time the strict press is broken