What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a revolutionary approach to health and fitness that’s been growing since the early 2000’s. CrossFit MNC is proud to be one of over 15,000 independently-owned gyms all over the world. Together, we are changing lives and building stronger communities.

CrossFit is built atop three main principles:


We should be having fun in the gym.

We believe endless repetitions of the same mindless exercises isn’t a recipe for success. That’s why every day in the gym challenges us with different movements and a variety of tests.


We should move in the gym like we do outside the gym.

We believe fitness should be more like life - more picking things up and putting them overhead, more chasing, more getting ourselves off the ground. If it’s going to happen at home or on the job site, we want to practice it in the gym.


We should be willing to work hard for progress.

We believe that good things come to anyone willing to put in the effort. Simply put: Getting stronger, losing weight, and regaining lost confidence all require we get a bit uncomfortable. We believe in embracing that.

CrossFit isn’t for everybody, but it absolutely can be for anybody.