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Y’all know what day it is…..


Y’all know what day it is…..

Wednesday, 8/12/15

Technique/CNS Primer; 

OVH Squat; 12 mins to build to a heavy set of 3 *out of the rack


“6 Degrees”

4 Rounds for Time

Run 400m

10 OVH Squats (135/95)

Note from the Coach;

For those that struggle with OVH squats, you may scale with front squats instead.

As you may have noticed, it’s been a pretty easy week so far. I hope you’ve enjoyed it! Much like a hard workout, I’ve been pacing myself…you know, didn’t wanna come out too hot straight out of the gate. Consider this a warm-up to the Farewell WOD coming on Thursday…just say’n 🙂