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Winter Apparel Order


Winter Apparel Order

You’ve been asking, and I’ve finally  gotten everything together to place an order. This year you’ll have two logo options to choose from and you can get Hoodies or 3/4 Length sleeve uni-sex t-shirts. I would like to place this order by the end of the week if possible. The pricing is as follows…

Hoodies: $32      3/4 Length sleeve T-shirts: $28

black_hoodie1_ black_with_grey_sleeves_This special edition logo will only be available in a Black Hoodie, and the Black bodied, grey sleeve 3/4 length t-shirt (Both pictured)








blue_hoodie1_ blue_sleeves_You may also get our original logo on either of these styles shirts as well. You may choose from three different colors for the 3/4 length sleeved shirts Grey body/Red sleeves, Grey body/Blue sleeves (pictured), and Grey body/Black sleeves







I will have pictures of the Hoodie color options available at the gym, and sample shirts to try on by or before Wednesday.