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Wednesday, 2/3/16


Wednesday, 2/3/16

Training Day; EMOM  x 30 mins (6 sets)

Min 1) 3-5 Strict HSPU’s (performance) 6-8/arm 1/2 Kneeling (bottoms up) KB press (fitness)

Min 2) :30 sec Max rep KBS 32/24kg (performance) 24/16kg (fitness)

Min 3) 3-5 Strict pull-ups (performance) :30 sec Hold *chin-over bar (fitness)

Min 4) :30 sec Max calorie row

Min 5) Rest

Note from the Coach;

Taking a break from intensity (only for the day). Today is centered around strength and skill work, and that is accomplished best in a non-fatigued setting. However, because we’re CrossFitters if we’re not breathing heavy we don’t think we’ve done anything, lol…so make sure the kettlebell you choose can be swung fast and non-stop for :30 sec, and you row like a shark was chasing you in the ocean 🙂