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Wednesday, 2/17/16


Wednesday, 2/17/16

Training Day

“The Flying Dragon”

Complete for time;

Row 1,000m

30 C2B Pull-ups (performance) Chin over bar pull-ups (fitness)

20 Push Press 115/85 (performance) 95/65 (fitness)

*Rest 8 mins, then…

Row 1,000m

30 Pull-ups (performance) 30 Ring rows (fitness)

20 Power snatches 95/65 (performance) 75/55 (fitness)

Note from the Coach;

You will have 3 scores for this workout. Each 1,000m row will have a score, then your total time for the workout. Fir the bigger afternoon classes we will run heats of 6, with the stronger rowers going first.