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Wednesday, 12/23/15


Wednesday, 12/23/15

Testing Prep;

EMOM x 5; 2 Front Squats *climbing from 60%

*Rest 5 mins

EMOM x 5; 3 Push Press *climbing from 70%



Complete for time; (10 min Cap)


Thrusters 95/65


Note from the Coach;

The truth behind this “test” is this is what my coach programmed for me, and no way in hell was I suffering through it alone. It just so happens I know a big group of supportive, motivated, and capable people (you guy’s) that would be more than willing to do it with me 🙂

Some of you will have times to compare to, others will be establishing. Either way, in the words of my coach Matt Springer…”Anticipate discomfort.”