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Wednesday 11/6/13


Wednesday 11/6/13

Metcon: Complete for time

70 box jumps 20/24″

EMOM stating at 0:00, 10-8-6-4-2 reps of shoulder to OVH 85/115 (challenge wt 95/135).

*after you complete the final rep at 4:00mins there are no more shoulder to OVH required.  Only the balance of box jumps.

Finisher: Last man/woman standing prowler push for max weight

women start w/50lbs, men w/90lbs

Rules are as follows: high handles down, low handles back. You can only stop at the end of the turf while switching handles. When you can no longer push the prowler the full length in either direction you are out. The weights will increase by 50lbs for the ladies, 90lbs for guys per round. This is not a “timed” event, just for bragging rights only.