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Wednesday, 1/11/17


Wednesday, 1/11/17

*New class formatting notes are in parenthesis. I’ll include these for the next week or so until everyone get the hang of things.

A) Clean Complex: (10 mins after designated class time, 12 mins to perform the work)
7 sets @75-85% PC 1RM
1 Power clean
1 Front squat
1 Hang squat clean
(rest up to 90-seconds between sets)

B) Teams of 2: (Remaining 30 mins of class time, 30 min Cap)
For time with a partner:
100 Squat clean thrusters
Every minute on the minute both partners perform 5 burpees

Fire breather – 135/85lbs
Scale #1 – 115/75lbs
Scale #2 – 95/65lbs

C) Extra:
As heavy as possible
Weighted ring dip, building
**Run 400m casually after each set