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Tuesday 7/30/13


Tuesday 7/30/13

We are going to start class with a warm-up/miniWOD. When you get to class do a few stretches of your choice then perform the following…

walk 100m, jog 100m, then run 200m


3 rounds

10 air squats

20 push-ups

30 mountain climbers

then – *Inspiration courtesy of CF Football

“On the minute + death by”

2 power cleans + 1 push press  75/115lbs

*start the workout with the above. Each following minute you will continue to add 1 push press per minute until you can no longer complete the work within the minute. Remember, you must do 2 power cleans first every round.

ChallengeWOD: “On the minute + death by”

2 power cleans (95/155-185) + 1 pull-up or HSPU  *which ever one needs more work

*Same instructions as above. No bands allowed on the pull-ups.


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