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Tuesday, 6/28/16


Tuesday, 6/28/16

Training Day

For Time, Teams of 3;

45 Cal row “Buy-in”

immediately into….

45 HSPU’s (performance) S2OVH 115/75 (fitness) ***while partner hangs from Pull-up bar

45 TTB (performance) Knees to Elbow (fitness) ***while partner is in handstand (performance) FLR (fitness)

45 Wall balls 20/14 ***while partner holds 115/75 in front rack position

immediately into….

45 Cal row “Cash-out”

Note from the Coach;

 Lots of moving parts with this workout, and honestly more explaining than I care to type. The short version is….the only reps that count are while your partner is holding or hanging. Also, with the exception of the “Buy in” and “Cash out” 2 partners will begin working on what’s listed above while the 3rd partner will be busy doing “something else”    🙂