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Tuesday 4/29/14


Tuesday 4/29/14

Today the warm-up will be done as a class. It will start 7mins after the designated class time. If you have a mobility ritual, please come early and get it done before the class warm-up if you plan on doing it.

*Disclaimer; I am usually VERY relaxed about when and what most people do. I’m trying something new to keep things interesting for you guys. Please don’t be offended when I do not stop the warm-up because you are late. Come hell or high water I’m starting the warm-up 7mins after. If you miss it, it isn’t the end of the world. Do our normal warm-up and jump in when we’re done. Thanks in advance for your understanding & cooperation 🙂

Metcon: 5 rounds for time

3 power cleans 105/155lbs

20 TTB

*Rest 1min between rounds

*Courtesy The Lab