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Tuesday 2/7/17


Tuesday 2/7/17

A1) Snatch-Grip Deadlift:
Heavy triple every other minute x5 sets; Load with 85-105% PSN 1RM
A2) Supinated Ring Rows:
Tough set of 8-15 immediately after each deadlift set; Adjust tempo to make challenging within rep-range

B) Paused Power Snatch:
EMOM 10×2 @55-70% 1RM
Light weight with a 1-second pause each repetition at kneecap level

C) Run Repeats:
Every 3 minutes x6 sets Run 400m; Score reported as slowest of the six sets

D) Extra:
5 rounds; Casual effort
200m Farmers walk 55/35lbs
10 Straight bar bicep curls 75/45lbs