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Tuesday 2/17/15, WOD and Schedule


Tuesday 2/17/15, WOD and Schedule


12 minute AMRAP

30 Calorie Row

15 OVH Squats (95/65)

Note from the Coach;

Our satellite is iced over so I can’t watch any news. The roads out where I live (20mins south of the gym) are iced over, the 3 cars that have passed are moving very slow. As far as this morning goes, you will need to make a judgement call as to the risk/reward of coming to the gym based on the conditions where you live. I will not be staying passed 9:00am, it’s way too expensive to heat the whole gym for 1-2 people.

In short, use a little common sense, and if you do come this morning please be careful! The afternoon schedule will our normal times.