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Tuesday, 1/26/16


Tuesday, 1/26/16

6 min AMRAP @70% *Warm-up pace


Box jumps 24/20″

SDLHP 75/55

*15 DU’s (performance) 45 SU’s (fitness)


EMOM  x 10 mins

3 TNG Power snatches 75-115 males/ 55-85 females


8 min AMRAP of;

30 Wall balls 20/14

30 Pull-ups (performance) 30 Ring Rows (fitness)

30 DU’s (performance) 90 SU’s

Note from the Coach;

As you see we have a lot of work to do today. Please be on time. You will be given 5 mins at the beginning of class to get loose and your body temp up, then we’re rolling right into the first AMRAP…that will be your “real” warm-up. Then we will proceed right into the rest of the work. Use what you’ve learned about pacing and partitioning  when tackling the 8 min AMRAP at the end. These are big(ish) sets and you should have a pretty good idea by now of what a good strategy is in regards to breaking them up. As always I’m here to help if needed.