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Tuesday 12/24/13


Tuesday 12/24/13

Reminder folks, we’re just having a 9:00am class in the morning.

Alonso shared a great workout with me that’s a perfect fit for Christmas Eve. For those of you that missed the Christmas party, here’s the same format with a bit of a twist. Those of you that were there, you know how bad this is gonna suck 🙂

“The 12 Bars of Christmas”

1 dead lift

2 hang power cleans

3 front squats

4 strict shoulder press

5 back squats

6 push press

7 thrusters

8 squat cleans

9 push jerks

10 hang power snatches

11 OVH squats

12 SDHP’s

women use 65lbs/men 95

*Depending on class size, this may be a partnerWOD.