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Tuesday, 1/19/16


Tuesday, 1/19/16

In 20 mins, build to today’s 1RM…

Squat clean (performance)

Power clean (fitness)


5 Rounds for time;

5 TNG Power cleans @65-75% of todays 1RM

10 C2B pull-ups (performance) 10 Strict pull-ups (fitness)

20 Walking lunge steps *10/leg

*Rest 1:00 between rounds

Note from the Coach;

You got to cruise on Monday, now its time to lift something heavy! Don’t hold back so your metcon weight is light, those 5 reps need to be challenging for you. If you cannot go unbroken on the pull-ups (no matter which kind) I want them done in clusters…no “one & drops” please.