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Trusting the process = Results


Trusting the process = Results

For nearly the entire summer of 2016 I watched Amanda J. and Diana from the 8:00am class attempt Toes to Bar after almost every class. They were very consistent for sure, then slowly but surely it finally happened. They both got to the point of doing 1 to 2 TTB’s (separately) after class. They were essentially doing daily “Test” of that particular movement.

Fast forward to January 30th, 2017….here they are busting out multiple reps without even trying for months! They should probably get extra style points for doing these synchronized too 🙂


For the last 4-5 months these guys stopped Testing the movement itself, but began Training the muscles involved by simply following the programming provided including the extra work on a regular basis. The increased amount of upper body pulling movements has strengthened them to the point of being able to pull down on the pull-up bar while raising their feet to meet it multiple times.

Unfortunately most females don’t have a ton of upper body strength so developing is a high priority. It’s a slow process, but as Amanda and Diana have proven if you trust the process, put in the work, the results will always follow! Congrats ladies!