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True or False…Should we continue strength training as we age??


True or False…Should we continue strength training as we age??








Pictured is CrossFit MNC’s very own Bruce Sutta who competed in the 2013 CrossFit Games and placed 10th overall in the Men’s 60+ division. Bruce is certainly on the upper end of the fitness continuum for folks his age…simply put, he’s a badass!!

The importance of strength training for Bruce and all of us as we age remain the same. What the actual program looks like will vary depending on the function and goals of the client, but should include the following features…

  • Simple progressions
  • Retain and improve range of motion
  • Improve the ability to perform day to day activities (What you do outside of the gym)
  • Retain and improve bending patterning (because it’s SUPER functional. We will be bending to pick stuff up until the day we die)
  • Squats (As it relates to the clients needs)
  • Retain and improve Step-up and Lunge patterns
  • Create adequate upper body pushing and pulling strength
  • Retain and improve the ability to stabilize mid-section

If your training program doesn’t include those or you need help getting started we would love to help! The heart of our training program and knowledge we provide in the delivery truly sets us apart from the pack. Contact us now at (704) 261-5279 or and give us 21-Days to prove it.