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Thursday, 9/15/16


Thursday, 9/15/16

Rest/Recovery/Make-up Day

Notes for today:

1) Rest day first
2) Make-up Mon/Wed second
3) Active recovery is the third option

If you put in the work, you NEED to put in quality rest time as well to GET BETTER! Appreciate this well earned day off.

A) Conditioning: (Teams of 2)
On a 40 minute running clock:
12-min Ride/Row calories
5-min TGU – 35/20lbs
9-min Ride/Row calories
4-min TGU – 35/20lbs
7-min Ride/Row calories
3-min TGU – 35/20lbs
Note from the Coach;
Ride/Row calories will be shared, each partner will do TGU’s at the same time.