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Thursday, 8/11/16


Thursday, 8/11/16

Rest/Recovery/Make-up Day


  1. Rest
  2. Make-up Monday or Wednesday
  3. Active Recovery Workout
A.) On a running clock:
Every 3 minutes x3 sets
30/21 Row calories
Every 2 minutes x3 sets
20/14 Row calories
Every 1 minute x3 sets
15/7 Row calories
Row: 5000m Time Trail
Note from the Coach;
The work above will be done in teams of 2-3 for classes over 6. Your warm-up will be the 1 set of 30/21 Cals, and will begin 10 mins after designated class time. The 5000m time trail will be capped at the end of the designated class time so the following class can begin.