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Thursday 6/27/13


Thursday 6/27/13

In the spirt of “Fight Gone Bad” here’s 3 rounds of suck, taking into consideration everything we’ve done so far this week…as best I can. Those of you that did 100 squats yesterday, don’t know what I can do for you guys? You have my respect though 🙂

3 rounds for total reps of:

1min box jumps  20/24″

1min hand release push-ups

1min double-unders *no scale options, you have to do or try them for 1min

1min wall balls  20/30lbs

1min kb swings  16/24kg

*Rest 1min between rounds.

No break will be taken between exercises. A call of “switch” will be given, then you move to the next exercise as quickly as possible.

Your score will be the total reps of all exercises.

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