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Thursday, 4/7/16


Thursday, 4/7/16

Training Day

Skill: Not for time


Hollow Rocks Watch this to learn more about the hollow body position

*3 Turkish Get Ups each arm in between sets (pick your own weights)


3 Rounds, for time

30 Box Jump Overs @ 24/20

15 Push Jerk @ 155/105 (performance) S2OVH 135/95 (fitness)

30 Double Unders (performance) 75 Single Unders (fitness)

3 mins rest between rounds

Note from the Coach;

Looking for solid holds on the hollow rocks, the purpose is to help with kipping movements.  TGU should be challenging, but core will be toast from hollow rocks, so don’t get crazy with weight.  The metcon should be a sprint (85-90%) and the weight should be heavy, where it’s a struggle to get 15 unbroken, maybe break up 10/5 or 8/7