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Thursday, 2/4/16


Thursday, 2/4/16

Deadlift + Power Clean + Jerk; (1 + 1 + 1)

Every 2 mins x 10 (5 sets) you will build to a heavy set of the complex above.


“Monkey Wrench”

20 min AMRAP; (Teams of 2)


Clean and Jerk 185/135 (performance) 135/95 (fitness)

*after each set;

10 TTB (performance) 20 Partner sit-ups *over a 24″ box


Note from the Coach;

The first portion of today’s work is a CNS primer for the AMRAP, just looking to go heavier than what you’ll use in the workout. Partners will split the reps on clean and jerk and TTB. Try and partner up with someone using the same weight as you, to minimize the number of bars we have to load. With the humidity we may be stuck on the turf again 🙁