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Thursday 2/13/14


Thursday 2/13/14

We are going to have open gym today from 2:00-5:00pm. Please weigh the risk/reward in regards to your personal travel routes. We live in the country and the roads are pretty bad. Had it not been for Lenny we would likly not be here. Once we were in town most of the roads are okay(ish). The gym parking lot, not so much. Anyway, we will be here during those times. Please do not show up at 4:45 wanting to workout. At 5:00, I’m turning Lenny loose to play, feeding him, and going home. I will post our plans for Friday later tonight.

Since we’re not having “actual” class times I will just let the clock run. When you’re done squatting, start your Metcon at the top of the minute and get to work.

Strength: Back squat

3-4 warm-up sets, then…

1 set x 8 @80%

1 set x 5 @85%

2 sets x 3 @90%

*rest 90sec between sets

Metcon: Complete for time *courtesy CompWOD


KBS 24/32kg

box jumps 20/24″

wall balls 20/30lbs