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Thursday, 12/31/15


Thursday, 12/31/15

Taking a break from the barbells today to test your aerobic conditioning….

“Not a Typo”

100 Burpees for Time; (30 min Cap)

*EMOM perform 5 Wall Balls 20/14

Note from the Coach;

In all seriousness, yesterday was a sprint (of sorts) so today we really are testing aerobic capacity. Burpees do not take a lot of skill, just the willingness to keep doing them when you’re tired. The wall balls are thrown in to make it interesting 🙂

Side note; This is a little selfish but my programming calls for the same style of workout but different exercises that I will offer as a “coaches challenge” if anyone would like to do it also.

New Years Schedule Reminder.

Friday; 9:00 am ONLY

Saturday: Normal schedule, 9:00 am class, Open gym from 10-12:00.