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The OPEX Winter Classic


The OPEX Winter Classic

Saturday, December 19th I will be participating in the OPEX Winter Classic here at our gym at 10:30 am (possibly a little sooner).

This an online competition that involves a 60 min running clock, 3 unknown workouts, and the equipment needed is a rower, bar & bumpers, pull-up bar, jump rope, and wall ball.

I would love some company and my “go to” partner in pain Sharon is out of commission (Dr’s orders) 🙁

However, I have a prior commitment at 12:00 so I will only be able to run one heat of this workout and with our 4 rowers that leaves ONLY 3 spots available. Below is a link to get registered. If you want the workout scored I believe it will need to be filmed so you may need to bring a camera man/woman. Check out the link if your interested and feel free to shoot me an email/text with any questions you may have. I will update as spots fill up.


Greg C.