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The food we put in our bodies “drive” our ability to function properly.


The food we put in our bodies “drive” our ability to function properly.


Does your morning routine include reserving a chunk of time to swallow a smorgasbord of medication? I’m not talking supplements and vitamins but prescription pills for things like high blood pressure, high cholesterol and chronic inflammation, to name a few.

Did you know that you could eliminate the need for many of these ailments just by changing your diet?

(I’ll wait while you roll your eyes and mutter, “Yeah, right” under your breath……)

Most people do not realize how much impact food has from the inside.  We tend to be very basic when it comes to thoughts of food: eat when hungry, eat what tastes good.  We don’t consider what happens once the food we choose goes in to our bodies.

I won’t overwhelm you with all the boring (and confusing) science stuff.  Let me use a simple analogy.   It’s just like a car. Put low-grade gasoline, oil, anti-freeze, etc. in to your car and it will run okay but perhaps spit and sputter and need more frequent visits to the mechanic for check-ups.  Put quality products in to your car and it will run better, more efficiently and only need routine trips to the mechanic.  Our bodies are similar; the food we put in “drives” our ability to function.  When we put in low-grade foods filled with excessive calories, carbs and unhealthy fats our bodies can’t function optimally and we end up having to take medicines to combat the effects of the food.

I’m not saying to eat a salad and stop taking your prescriptions.  What you can do is take a good look at what you are feeding your body.  Start making some changes and talk to your doctor about monitoring the need for your medications as you make the changes.

If you would like some help making lasting nutrition changes and keeping yourself accountable, ask about CFMNC’s Nutrition Coaching program. or text or call Sharon at 704-840-5650