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The Body is one Piece, and should be trained that way.


The Body is one Piece, and should be trained that way.

athlete-collageEspecially for sports! When athletes are on the field or the court nothing is isolated, all parts of the body work together. Athletic performance is certainly not improved by treadmills, lat pull-downs, and bicep curls. In High school aged athletes a solid base of strength needs to be built first and done so in a way that simultaneously increases overall conditioning, power, speed, coordination, agility, flexibility, balance, and accuracy.   

We are not in the business of improving your child’s 3 point shot, bump pass, or ability run routes. However, through our balanced strength and conditioning program we can absolutely increase your High School Athletes overall performance. Then their sport coach will have a better prepared athlete in front of them to continue developing the specific skills needed for their given sport.

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