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The 4 reasons why “Staying Fit, Losing Weight, and being Healthy” are at the top of New Years Resolutions list year after year.


The 4 reasons why “Staying Fit, Losing Weight, and being Healthy” are at the top of New Years Resolutions list year after year.

man-looking-up-at-mt-everestAround this time every year folks just like yourself are sick to death of feeling like crap, being over weight and out of shape. Especially after eating day after day of all the holiday goodness that accompanies Christmas gatherings. I ask the question…”Why is it every year people have that same New Years resolution year after year?? ” I’ll tell you why…It’s because they are failing to do it in the first place. That’s harsh but the truth, and also NOT their fault. Below you’ll find the 4 reasons I believe this continues to happen.






  • You have been lied to; We live in an instant gratification world. Any and everything you want you can get with a push of a button, download of an App, or swipe of your phone. This is NOT the case when it comes to lasting results in health and fitness. Great marketing has lead many people to believe that their weight loss and fitness goals are just moments away…its just that easy right!? If it was we wouldn’t be having this conversation.
  • Technology; Advances in technology have certainly made life easier for us in many ways. Your iPhone can do amazing things, but it cannot lift the weights for you, or make you put your fork down. You are going to have to do it on your own, plain and simple. However the feeling of accomplishment you’ll receive from seeing your hard work payoff is invaluable and can never be taken away from you. Social media has allowed companies that are selling “Quick Fixes” for health and wellness to only show highlight reals of clients in an effort to sucker in new consumers. What they leave out are the weeks, months, and years of work that was put in before using this “Magic” program, pill, or whatever bullsh*t their trying to sell.
  • Impatience; It’s as if we’re standing at the foot of a Mountain and all we see is the Summit…there’s still a Mountain to be climbed. January 1st we are all super motivated to drop 20lbs and be in amazing shape RIGHT NOW and on February 2nd when it hasn’t happened yet we give up. We have to learn to be patience. Most things in life that really, really matter take time to develop. Relationships, a career, love of life, a skill set, long term health and fitness do not happen over night. If you don’t take the time to do these things correctly you will “fall off that Mountain” and fail.
  • Environment; Due to the lies we’ve been told, technology, and our impatience many folks like yourself end up at fitness centers or following a weight loss program that does NOTHING to help build your confidence, overcome challenges, break the need of instant gratification, and teach you the joy, impact, and fulfillment of achieving a goal you’ve worked very hard at over a long period of time. The worst part of it all is when you don’t reach those goals. You feel like a failure and it’s all your fault, and on top of that no one at that facility cares…they already have your money.

Don’t fall into that trap for another year. At CrossFit MNC we will give you an honest assessment of what it will take to reach your weight loss and fitness goals. We will help you achieve those goals through a well thought out program that’s appropriate for your level of fitness. Our training environment is full of supportive folks just like yourself climbing their own “Mountain”. We’re all here to become the best version of ourselves we can, and we want to help you do the same. Give us a call or email us to find out more….

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