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Test Day


Test Day

Strength; Front Squat/Squat Clean Thruster


EMOM x 10; 1 Front squat *begin loading at 60%, climbing every set to find “today’s” heavy single.


EMOM x 10; 1 Squat clean thruster *begin loading at 60% of squat clean, climbing every set to find “today’s” heavy single.


“OPEX Testing Series Workout #3”


Thrusters (Performance; 75/55, Fitness; 65/45)


Note from the Coach;

As we are just over 4(ish) months away from the 2016 CrossFit Open, and programming will make the switch toward focusing more on overall work capacity and muscle endurance. Both of these traits are required for doing well in the Open. Those of you who are overall Fitness minded in your journey here with us will also benefit from this change as the yearly picture from a programming standpoint will have varying stages of change from strength bias, skill, endurance, and so on. These changes are essential for long term progress. I would also like to take this opportunity to remind you of the Individual Program Design service we offer. Have a program specifically written for you, focused on strengthening your weakness, and optimizing your time in the gym can have a huge impact on performance and long term progression. As you progress individually, so does your program. For more information and pricing please feel contact me at

For retesting purposes, no assisted pull-ups will be allowed. Everyone not able to do pull-ups unassisted will do ring rows to a standard that will be explained before the workout begins. We will run multiple heats for the bigger classes if we run out of rings.