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Test Day


Test Day

Strength; Front Squat/Squat Clean Thruster


EMOM x 10; 1 Front squat *begin loading at 60%, climbing every set to find “today’s” heavy single.


EMOM x 10; 1 Squat clean thruster *begin loading at 60% of squat clean, climbing every set to find “today’s” heavy single.


“OPEX Testing Series Workout #3”


Thrusters (Performance; 75/55, Fitness; 65/45)


Note from the Coach;

This is a retest from Oct 21st. I’ve included a pic of the results from Oct, but please look back and double check your notes regarding what weight you used, ring rows or pull-ups?, etc. As with the first time, if you are unable to do pull-ups unassisted today you will do ring rows to a standard that will be explained before the workout starts.