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Saturday, Nov 19th Testing Schedule and Heat assignments


Saturday, Nov 19th Testing Schedule and Heat assignments

This Saturday we’re wrapping up our testing series with Events 5 & 6! Once we’ve completed all the heats we will be feeding you guys Papa Murphy’s Pizza…and trust me, you’ll have earned it!

These last 2 events will be back to back on a running clock. There will be a tiebreak time associated with event 5, so we’ll need help scoring from everyone that is not currently doing the workout or not in the next heat. Example; Heat 3 will score for heat 1, while heat 2 is warming up etc….

We will open the gym at 8:00am, and at 8:15 the Events will be explained including all associated movement standards etc. We need everyone to be here at this time to get all questions answered, help out with scoring, and begin warming up if you are in heat 1. Heat 1 will begin promptly at 9:00am (or sooner if possible). Below you’ll find the final heat list. You will be responsible for being warmed up and ready to go when it’s your turn.

It should be a lot of fun, and I look forward to seeing everyone putting in some solid work!

Heat 1 @9:00am

1.       Mike Pilotte

2.       Natalie Mullis

3.       Sharlene Almeida

4.       Johnnie McCorey

5.       Angela Brown

6.       Steve Brown

Heat 2 @9:30am

1.       Michele Hoang

2.       Justin Courtney

3.       Amanda Pridmore

4.       Paul Harnisth

5.       Fate Black

6.       Allan Pilotte

Heat 3 @10:00am

1.       Sharon Crook

2.       Robb Stevens

3.       Scott Perong

4.       Candice Hawkins

5.       Drew Peay

6.       Mike Paluso

Heat 4 @10:30

1.       Christine Courtney

2.       Kristy Helms

3.       Sara Ring

4.       Will Dennis

5.       Larry Billotto

6.       Tyler Funderburke

Heat 5 @11:00

1.       Whitney Smith

2.       David Boyd

3.       Jonathan Hawkins

4.       Charlotte Talley

5.       Greg Crook

Heat 6 @11:30

1.       Amanda Benton

2.       Will Melton

3.       Tony Almeida

4.       Clay Benton

5.       Gary Courtney