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Saturday 2/2/13


Saturday 2/2/13

*9:00am class

12min AMRAP: kb swings (16/24kg) & burpees (partner workout)

While partner #1 performs 9 burpees, partner #2 will be doing non-stop kettlebell swings until all 9 burpees are completed. This is one round.

Partners then switch exercises and continue until the 12mins are up.

Score is the combined number of burpees completed in the 12mins per team.

Rest 3min

6min jump squat & hand release push-up ladder

perform 1 jump squat, then 1 push-up. Then 2 jump squats, 2 hand release push-ups

Continue adding one rep to each until the 9mins are up.

Score is total number of rounds completed.

*10:30am workout  (not coached)


stone to shoulder  95/115lb stone

with 50′ weighted prowler push between sets  90/140lbs

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