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Quick Christmas Party Recap


Quick Christmas Party Recap

I just want to share some brief thoughts, etc. from our Christmas Party yesterday. I don’t think we could’ve asked for a better day…it was beautiful!!

I’ll start with the workout…holy moly! That was waayyy worse than I had in my head. My apologies folks, but as usual…if it’s on that white board you guys will do it, and I love ya for it! Next year I try and keep it closer to 30-40 mins 🙂

I decided to have this years food catered so Brian & company wouldn’t have to do so much work and could just come and enjoy themselves. The obvious choice was Papa Murphy’s pizza and it was perfect!…Thank you so much Mike, Ashleigh, Allan, Fate, and staff for handling that for us!

I’d also like to thank all our other members who brought desserts, plates, napkins, cups, etc to help make the food aspect a success! It was all better than good, and I personally had WAY to much of it but don’t regret it a bit!

What impacts me the most when we can get most everyone together is all the amazing relationships that have been built inside our little gym. While I was off to the side eating I just sat back and observed all the laughter, smiles, smack talking about various subjects, and just an all around good time you guys were having. Possibly more meaningful to me than all the PR’s is being able to bring so many great people together. We truly have something special and it’s because of each and every one of you.

Sharon and I thank you all so much for trusting in us and being apart of our family. It’s you all that make CrossFit MNC so great, and it’s only going to get better in 2016!!