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Programming options


Programming options

In the back of the gym on the 2 chalk boards will be some different programming options. One will be very strength bias “heavy WOD” geared toward increasing overall strength, the other will be competition style WOD’s for the more advanced CF athlete’s looking to be challenged.

There will be little to no coaching of these workouts. These are open to anyone as long as you a) know what the exercises are and can actually do them, and b) do them without getting the way of the regular scheduled class. The regular class will always come first in regards to space and equipment.

On Tues & Thurs @6:30 doing theses may be extra difficult because of the intro-classes. My suggestion would be to do these @5:30 or earlier on these 2 days.

I cannot guarantee there will be a new one everyday, but when you see one you like feel free to give them a shot. Enjoy them and thanks in advance for your understanding in regards to equipment & space.

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