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Our bodies NEED healthy fats!


Our bodies NEED healthy fats!

healthy-fatsMany of us have been trained to believe that healthy eating means low-fat eating but this is far from true.  Our bodies NEED healthy fats; in fact they aid in fat loss!  I have discovered that a lot of folks have trouble getting enough good fat in their diets, so here are a few ways to not only add them, but replace less healthy options at the same time!

Instead of using butter to sauté veggies or cook meat, use olive, coconut or avocado oil.

Drizzle an infused olive oil (lemon, garlic, etc.) over steamed veggies instead of using butter.

Use nut butter or applesauce instead of shortening or butter in most recipes.

Spread coconut oil on toast or dinner bread instead of butter.  You’ll be surprised at the buttery taste!

Add an avocado to a protein shake for an extra creamy treat!  It won’t change the taste!

Remember, a little bit goes a long way.  You can still eat too much of a good thing!  Track what you eat for that added level of accountability.  You’ll be glad you did!