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News and Happenings


News and Happenings

Good afternoon folks,

I would like to take a second and fill you guy’s in on some of the changes we have coming up in the very near future.

The first change you will notice is a new “class format” if you will. I’ve given it a trial run the past 2 days and like how things went and based on the responses I’ve gotten it’s definitely a keeper. Each class will start with some Static stretching (because we all have plenty of mobility issues), then some form of warm-up together that will as closely as possible relate to what we are working on that particular day. Then we will proceed with whats on the White Board. The stretching portion will begin each day 3-4 minutes after the designated class time. If you are running late, jump in where the class is at currently. Playing catch-up will be hard to do. The new warm-ups need to move in a timely manner so that everything can be completed in the hour we have to work in. Those of you that like to do your own mobility work may continue to do so, just be aware some days our warm-up will involve the class being on the turf, so don’t get too comfy.

Next is something we are very excited about and that would be the launching of our new website! As you know Derick has taken over our IT, Social Media, and all things website related and has done a fantastic job!! He approached us with the idea of “updating the current website” and we said “Sure, have at it!” Well that he did. He has been working very hard and from what I’ve seen so far it looks great!! It will be much brighter in general, very user friendly, and have a lot of cool shit that I could never have figured out how to add 🙂

Last on the list (for now) is the introduction of our new Fundamentals Class! This will be a much more comprehensive program that will have our new members much better prepared for regular classes. More details will be available when we launch the new website…I’m getting tired of typing

Just a heads up regarding the Fundamentals class. They will be Mon, Wed, and Thurs nights @6:30. On Mon and Wed the back of the gym where the Strength Made Easy class is held will tied up from 5:30 till closing time on those days. We want to give plenty of notice for those of you that do their “own thing” in the back, this area will no longer be available on these days. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

Lastly, thank you all for your continued support and loyalty to our CFMNC family over the past 2 years. To the best of our ability we will continue to provide you with the best training experience and the most value for your money we can!