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Monday 8/5/13


Monday 8/5/13

MiniWOD/ warm-up  *to be done as a class

20-15-10 reps of

front squats  15/45lb bar

OVH press  15/45lb bar


“No Metcon Monday”

10 floor presses  75-95/135-225lb

20 pull-ups

30 push press  65/95lbs

40 kb swings  16/24kg

50 double-unders  *scale w/50 lateral bar hops

*this will not be “timed” just do the work as fast as the equipment and size of the class allows. Go all the way through the workout to the double-unders, then work back down to the floor presses. You will use 1 bar for floor press & push press, share if necessary due to class size.

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