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Monday 6/22/15


Monday 6/22/15

Strength/Back Squat

3 sets x 8-10 @2010 (tempo) *rest 2 mins between sets

– then –


3 Rounds for Total Repetitions;

:45 secs Burpee *no push-up/ :15 sec transition

:45 secs Double-unders/ :15 sec transition

:45 secs Row for Calories/ :15 sec transition

*Rest 2 mins between Rounds

Note from the Coach;

This begins week 1 of our testing phase. Go ahead and look back at your previous scores for the different test so you can get an idea of where you were. Today’s workout was from April 27th. If you need to, check Facebook to see if I posted a pic of the white board from that day if you didn’t write it down.