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Monday 4/27/15


Monday 4/27/15

Strength/Back Squat

3 sets x 8-10 @2010 (tempo) *rest 2 mins between sets

– then –


3 Rounds for Total Repetitions;

:45 secs Burpee *no push-up/ :15 sec transition

:45 secs Double-unders/ :15 sec transition

:45 secs Row for Calories/ :15 sec transition

*Rest 2 mins between Rounds

Note from the Coach;

Over the Next 2 Weeks we will be doing some testing that will cover Strength, Aerobic Power, Alactic Power, CP Battery, and Lactic Endurance. Be sure to record all the weights, reps, times, etc. We will re-test 6 weeks after testing is complete to evaluate our new training template and your individual progress.