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Monday, 3/28/16


Monday, 3/28/16

Training Day


Every 2 mins x 10 (5 sets); Power Clean + Jerk x 1.1.

*climbing in load starting at 135/95, 10 sec rest between singles


Every 2 mins x 10 (5 sets); Power Clean + S2OVH x

*keeping close to the same weight across all 5 sets, focusing on perfecting every rep.


3 Rounds, each for time;

3 Ground 2 OVH 185/135

9 Burpee Box jump Overs 24/20″

18 KBS 24/16

36 DU’s (performance) 72 SU’s (fitness)

*rest 2 mins between rounds

Note from the Coach;

Due to low attendance at this past Friday Night Lights, I want to caution those of you needing to get 16.5 in. You will need to secure a judge prior to that morning or afternoon. Please do not show up assuming or expecting someone will be there to do it. I will have classes to coach, and depending on the demands of that class may not be able to judge you.

If you would like to redo 16.5 please make plans to come early to judge someone else who hasn’t done it the first time. Then, if time remains you may retry. If you are on the cusp of making regional’s we will make sure your second attempt gets done before the 8:00 cut off. Thank you in advance for helping make things run smoothly.