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Monday, 2/13/17


Monday, 2/13/17

A) Power Clean:
EMOM 5×3-4 @60-70%
EMOM 5×2-3 @70-80%
EMOM 5×1-2 @80-90%

Finish the final repetition each minute with a split jerk; All drop & reset across the board

B1) Hang Clean Pull:
Three sets 8-10 with 70-85% PC 1RM; Very short rest
B2) Supinated Ring Row:
Tough set of 8-15 immediately after each clean pull set; Adjust tempo to make challenging within rep-range
B3) Forearm Plank:
Three sets max duration, up to 90-seconds each round; Score reported as total time held

C) For time:
100 Push-ups
Any time your knee touches the floor stop and perform 200m sprint (2x100m shuttle); Time cap 12-minutes