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Monday, 2/1/16


Monday, 2/1/16

Back Squat; Every 3 mins x 9 mins (3 sets)

5  Back squats @20X2  *Load between 65-80% of your Front Squat max.



4 rounds for time; @80-85%

5 TNG Squat cleans 135/95 (peformance) 5 TNG Power cleans 135/95 (fitness)

10 C2B pull-ups (performance) Pull-ups *chin-over bar (fitness)

20 DU’s (performance) 50 SU’s (fitness)

*Rest 1 min between rounds

Note from the Coach;

The back squats are prep work for the squat/power cleans, stick to the tempo…2 count down, fast up, 2 count at the top.

Focus on efficiency of movement during the conditioning work. Stay away from “1 and drops” during the pull-ups if possible.