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Just Don’t be Weird….


Just Don’t be Weird….

John Welbourn founder of CrossFit Football, uses this sentence as is his general guideline when faced with eating out, or special occasions where he knows his food options will be less than ideal.

With Thanksgiving, just a day away this sentence should resonate with all of us. No matter how good a plan we have going into the meal, we all tend to crumble when faced with the abundance of deliciousness around the holidays.  It happens to all of us and you shouldn’t feel too bad about it.

Here’s a couple tips to help you not fall off the rails too bad without being “that guy” at Thanksgiving who brought their own plate of organic, all natural, non-gmo, gluten free, grain free, free range, wild caught, blah, blah, you get the idea.

meatPile on the Protein: Filling your plate with meat first will do 2 things. 1) minimize the amount of room on your plate for bad choices. 2) Meat (protein) is very filling, and burns much more calories to digest than veggies, desserts, etc.





veg-plate-5021If you can’t grow it or kill it, don’t eat it: About the simplest guideline to eating healthy I’ve ever been told. We’ve taken care of the “Kill it” part above with our pile of protein. With the little bit of room we have left on our plate lets go for only foods that have either come out of the ground or from a tree. Let that statement sink in. These foods do not come from a box or a package and will generally go bad within 4-5 days. Choose as many different colors as are available.




I’m not going to address a strategy for desserts. Truthfully you should just stay from them, but we all know how hard that is. If you’ve followed the guidelines above, you shouldn’t have much room for dessert (which is part of the master plan). If the desserts get the best of you anyway, grab your family and force them into a nice 45-60 min walk with you.

Nothing earth shattering here or even that new, but sticking to these simple guidelines will allow you to enjoy the holiday as intended without having the days of regret about the bad decisions that typically follow. In closing…do your best, don’t be weird, and make the best choices possible.

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