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It’s finally Friday!!


It’s finally Friday!!

Friday, 8/14/15


In 15 mins, build to tough set of the following complex; Power Clean + Hang Squat Clean (2 + 1)


“Some Main Site Fun”

5 Rounds for Time;

7 Squat Cleans (155/105)

14 KBS (24/16kg)

Note from the Coach;

Just a word of caution…keep your ego in check on the metcon, those squat cleans will be harder than you may think.

Also, if you don’t have anything going on this weekend come out to CrossFit Northlake Saturday and/or Sunday and support our ladies that are competing. Kaitlyn and Allie will be competing as individuals on Saturday and we have 2 teams on Sunday, Ashleigh and Monica, also Charlotte and Adrianna. Should be a good time and I’m sure they would appreciate the support.